eFormServer - by GRAYbase
  eFormserver is a revolutionary service that allows you to save all the data that is entered into any form on your website to your own personal database.  You can download your data in multiple formats (ASCII, Excel, DBF, SDF) to be used in your local software systems.

eFormserver does all this without any changes to your existing hosting configuration and with NO custom development cost!


  • Member registrations
  • Surveys
  • Order Forms
  • Data Entry - remote
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Seminar Registrations
  • eMail opt - ins

Things you DONT need

  • No dedicated hosting running scripts - Save thousands!
  • No new server box - Save thousands!
  • No custom development - Save thousands!
  • No database!




eFormServer uses your own form instead of some form built with a limiting tool that looks nothing like your existing site.  If you have a form already or can make one, you can use eFormServer to capture the data and turn your HTML form into an Online database.

Don't waste time re-entering the data.  Simply download to your pc, then import into whatever application you want.  eFormServer makes it easy with multiple download formats (DBF, EXCEL, SDF, ASCII [multiple formats]).


Convert your web forms to an online database!

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