Advanced Application Development with Visual FoxPro 6.0

Course Overview

This three-day course builds on the skills developed in the Application Development With Visual FoxPro 6.0 course.

In this course, participants will learn advanced form techniques, such as incorporating toolbars into an application, implementing drag and drop, working with ActiveX controls and an in-depth look at the Grid control. Advanced data management techniques, such as transaction processing and multi-user programming are also covered. 

Rounding out this course are techniques for building COM objects, working with applications external to Visual FoxPro, such as, controlling other applications using OLE Automation, accessing Windows API functions, and accessing the Windows Registry.


Course Outline

Working With Toolbars
Creating Toolbar Classes
Programming Toolbar Options
Adding Toolbars to a Form
Creating Toolbar Objects

Implementing Drag and Drop
Benefits of Drag and Drop
DragMode Property
DragOver Event
DragDrop Event
Drag Method
Determining Dragged Object

Advanced Grid Control Techniques
Headers Objects
Columns Objects
Column Controls
Grid Properties
Grid Methods
Grid Events
RecordSource Property
RecordSourceType Property

Programming Multi-User Applications
Understanding Cursors
Understanding Data Buffering

Working With Transactions
Benefits of Transactions 
Beginning a Transaction
Rolling Back Changes
Committing Changes

Working With Local Views
Benefits of Local Views
Using the View Designer
Update Criteria
Parameterized Views
Building Forms Based on Views

Calling the Windows API
Declaring Functions
Calling API Functions
Wrapper Classes
Working with .INI Files
Accessing the Windows Registry

Working With OLE Automation
Benefits of OLE
OLE Automation vs. OLE Controls
Controlling Excel 
Controlling Word 

Building VFP COM Objects/Servers
COM Overview
Benefits of COM Objects
In-Process vs. Out-of-Process Servers
Building DLLs in VFP 
Registering VFP COM Objects

Adding ActiveX Controls to an Application
Benefits of ActiveX
Using an ActiveX Control
MS Statusbar Control
MS Toolbar Control
MS Treeview Control
MS Calendar Control
MS Web Browser Control

Course Prerequisites

Completion of the Application Development With Visual FoxPro 6.0 course or equivalent knowledge.