Microsoft Power Platform

Proficient in leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform suite, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Query, Power BI, and Power Pages, to develop robust software solutions. Skilled in designing and implementing applications tailored to specific business needs, automating workflows for enhanced efficiency, and extracting actionable insights from data. Experienced in creating intuitive user interfaces, streamlining processes, and optimizing data visualization for informed decision-making. Continuously exploring innovative ways to harness the full potential of Power Platform tools to drive organizational success.


Experienced Salesforce Developer, proficient in designing, developing, and implementing robust Salesforce solutions to optimize business processes and drive revenue growth. Skilled in customizing Salesforce applications, creating and maintaining custom objects, workflows, validation rules, and triggers. Proficient in Apex, Visualforce, Lightning Web Components, and Salesforce integrations. Strong understanding of Salesforce architecture, data modeling, and security best practices. Dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of clients and stakeholders. Continuously staying updated with the latest Salesforce technologies and best practices to ensure the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness in Salesforce development projects.

Python/Django Projects

Develop, maintain, update, support Python/Django projects.

Python is a general purpose, object-orientated modern language. With a plethera of frameworks and libraries in support. It's language is designed for human reading making it easy for maintenance and development.

FoxPro Projects

Develop, maintain, update, support or migrate Visual Foxpro projects.

With 30 years of Foxpro experience, we are able to fulfill all your Foxpro needs. Wether you need to maintain an existing Foxpro application, including enhancing or updating. Or you need to migrate a Foxpro application to a new platform. We are experts in all things Foxpro.

EDI Consulting / Implementation

Over 10 years experience with developing, implementing, processing and maintaining EDI systems. We can help you work through the myriad of requiremnets (SAN, SSCC), X12 & EDIFACT mappings, the delivery systems (AS2,SFTP,FTP). Confirm your database structures to provide the necessary data for each of your partners documents.

Custom Business System Development

Superior Object orientated business applications that are data driven and therefore ultimately maintainable and extensible. Tired of having projects drag on forever, un-maintainable systems or worse, unreliable systems that are either down more often than they are up or report dis-information. Commission the experience and engineering discipline applied by GRAYbase to deliver rock solid, operational systems that actually achieve a measurable return on investment.

Dynamic Web Based Systems

GRAYbase specializes in DYNAMIC data driven/integrated web applications. That's a mouthful, but it says a lot. What it means is we are experts at connecting your databases with the web. We build web systems that not only build and maintain the content of the web pages based on data in your databases, but also allow for the data in your systems to be modified and maintained through the web site. Imagine having all the power and flexibility of your normal desktop applications available on your web site. The ability to have your web site interface with your inventory, employee, sales or any other existing data source. Not only to just publish your data, but to actually manipulate it. Imagine your online catalogue being built by records in your inventory table. Sales from the online store, updating your inventory levels and adjusting your accounting tables in REAL time. The information is then used again in the very next web page hit.

GRAYbase delivers the promise of the internet TODAY.

See our online demos to give you some ideas of how GRAYbase can revolutionize your business operations.

eFormServer - service

eFormServer is a service that will capture all the data entered into any HTML web form into your own private database. Just register a form with eFormServer and modify the submit link on the form and every time the form is submitted, the data will be stored in your database. Once the data is stored into your private database you can download the data to your local machine and use in any of your local software systems. The data can be downloaded in a multitude of file formats (ASCII delimited, Excel, DBF, CSV). It does all this without the need for any custom development. You don't need a new server or dedicated hosting. You don't need a database on the web. [ more ]


We provide hands on Visual FoxPro (VFP) training. There are three standard classes to choose from or you can schedule a custom training session that is tailored to your desired goals. All classes are taught by a seasoned, extremely experienced Visual FoxPro developer that actually works developing in VFP on a daily basis. Classes are conducted either on site (your company) or at our training facilities.


Custom Training Session

Contact us directly to define a custom training session that considers your current capabilities and your desired goals. We will work with you to define a custom training session to maximize your training results.

System Optimization

Is your system operating at its highest or even designed capacity? Are you tables normalized? Do you have the indexes necessary? Are your index's optimized for maximum performance.